Some of the detailed requirements are still in flux, but based on what we know now, this is the process we think we would follow if we were to become an LHD.

1. We complete an LHD Nomination Form, which must include:

· Maps, detailed building inventory, photographs

· Final Preservation Plan (i.e. design standards. )

· List of property owners and their support (60% required)

2. We submit the application to City Historic Preservation Office.

3. Historic Preservation Office reviews the application for reasonable completeness and notifies us of deficiencies. We rectify deficiencies.

4. The Historic Preservation Office reviews the application in detail and prepares it for an Historic Landmark Commission meeting.

5. The City notifies property owners and neighborhood associations within the proposed district prior to the Historic Landmark Commission meeting.

6. The Historic Landmark Commission reviews the application at a public meeting, recommends to grant/deny or requests additional information.

7. Zoning and Platting reviews the application at a public meeting, recommends to grant/deny.

8. City Council holds a public meeting and decides whether to promulgate an ordinance establishing the district.

9. If the LHD is established, the City changes its zoning maps to show the district and all properties within the district have HD added to their zoning (SF-3-HD).

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