West Austin is blessed with a number of fantastic City parks.  Parks and open space are consistently recognized as one of the most important and attractive features of a neighborhood.  They also serve as special places for us to gather as friends and families.

We hope that you not only will actively use them but that you will support them monetarily or through the gift of your time.  Each park has a dedicated group of private supporters and volunteers. You will find their information on their page.

WANG has formed an umbrella Parks Advisory Board to gather representatives of each park’s support organization to share ideas and resources.  This page is designed to keep you informed of various park updates.  Please follow these links to our parks.

Keep Up to Date on City Info:

You are invited to sign up for Austin Notes, a subscription-based e-mail system that will allow residents to sign up for electronic updates on a range of issues including Parks and Recreation Department news and events. By signing up you will receive e-mails sharing important City of Austin and Parks and Recreation Department news and events.

Visit http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/news/notes/index.cfm and register today!

Mendy Marshall, CPRP, Manager, Information Technology Services  with the City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department (Phone: 512-974-9462)