Location: 1100 Kingsbury St, Austin, TX 78703

For more information about this park, call the City of Austin Parks Department at (512) 974-6700.

This park has 2 reservable area(s). For more information, visit the City of Austin Parks Department list of reservable areas or call (512) 974-6797.  

Size: 42.00 Acres

Barbeque Pits 2                  Basketball Courts 2         Disc Golf Baskets 21                  Multipurpose Fields 1     Picnic Tables 39               Playgrounds 1
Reservable Facilities 2    Volleyball Courts 3        Wading Pools 1 (Closed)

Description: Part of the Shoal Creek Greenbelt, Pease is a great place to hold a really big BBQ, host a birthday party, or play some disc golf. The park has extensive playground equipment and a new sprayground.

It is also a popular site for various Austin festivals; both the Jazz Festival and Eeyore’s Birthday Party are held at Pease Park.

8/24/09: Trees for Pease Update

On Wednesday, August 12th, we experienced another freak windstorm (with little rain) that brought down over 70 mature trees at Pease Park along the Shoal Creek Greenbelt. This is the third storm in three years and because the canopy is mature with few new understory or newly planted trees, the effects are devastating. Despite our efforts earlier in the year of planting 100 new trees and a new irrigation system, the need for tree planting is now stronger than ever. Trees for Pease has announced plans to plant up to 220 trees and install irrigation this fall and winter and we need your help. At a price of $150 per tree with irrigation, we are looking for $33,000 for this next phase. Please consider a donation to Austin Parks Foundation with “Trees for Pease” in the memo line or visit our donor page and choose Pease Park Fund from the list of Special Funds.

  Partners and Links

For more information about Trees for Pease volunteer opportunities, contact Richard Craig at richardcraig2004@yahoo.com

Waterloo Disc Golf Club Gordon Maxim Kelley 328-5221 http://austindiscgolf.org

Evolution of West Austin Subdivisions

July 20th, 2015|

Evolution of West Austin Subdivisions By: Wanda Garcia During the late 1889s residential growth in Austin boomed.  When Austin was selected the capital of Texas, land values automatically increased and wealthy citizens began to think

Park Updates:  Trees for Pease has been very active.  Here are the latest updates!    

1.) Tree for Pease has work days are scheduled Feb. 13, Feb. 19th and then March 6 (Its My Park Day).2.) Two different sets of arborists are starting work at Pease. Austin Tree Experts is trimming the 18 heritage Live Oaks along Parkway and the creek in the northern part of the park. Work will be completed while trees are still in the dormant season to eliminate the possibility of oak wilt’s spread.  Bartrlett’s is doing deep root stimulation on 15 key cedar elms in the picnic area long Kingsbury. Austin Parks Foundation found this very effective at Republic Square. The rest of the trees will get simple fertilization. City of Austin Forestry is help with root collar excavation with an air spade and a lot of trimming to lessen the probability of breakage in windstorms. Our volunteers will follow up by spreading mulch and Dillo dirt in this grove after the work is completed.
3.) Trees for Pease volunteers installed boulders in the park in January to protect its in-ground irrigation system from City trucks running over them.
4.)There are three bids for installing a new cedar shingle roof on the old historic restroom at Pease and they are just waiting for PARD to sort out the issues of lead paint and asbestos. Trees for Pease is ready to proceed with its own funds when it gets the green light the project. One dormer is open to the elements and animals now. So they want to rush this.
There has been discussion of turning the building into a tea house or small restaurant/ snack bar. A couple of neighborhood women are interested in this. But, the first concern has been to halt its deterioration.