September 26, 2013 Public Outreach Meeting To Discuss Neighborhood Plan Prioritization:

The Central West Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (CWACNPCT) is inviting public input from our planning area to prioritize the capital improvement program (CIP) projects from our Neighborhood Plan for implementation.

To discuss CIP prioritization, there will be a meeting on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 7:30 pm at Austin Java (Tarrytown Shopping Center) to rank the top 5 capital improvement projects and the top 5  non-capital improvement projects.  This prioritization process will be done for both the WANG Planning Area (west of MoPac) and the Windsor Road Planning Area (east of MoPac).  The listing of available CIP projects from our plan is posted as part of the online survey (at, and our prioritization input will be used in the City’s ongoing Capital Improvement Program planning process to advance neighborhood-identified projects and programs.

Please feel free to join us tonight or you can sent your prioritization recommendations by emailing

All the best,
Michael Rocco Cannatti

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