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On Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010, Austin City Council approved the Central West Austin Neighborhood Plan.

While we are disappointed that Council did not agree to include the Brackenridge Tract in the Plan, we appreciate Councilmember Riley’s efforts to strengthen the language in the plan relating to the Brack Tract.  Details on the Brack Tract issue are posted here.

We are also pleased that Council agreed to change the land use designation for the Tarrytown Shopping Center to “Neighborhood Commercial.”  With this designation, the owner (Jeanne Daniels) will be prevented from converting the entire property to residential development without first obtaining an amendment to the plan.  Details on the Tarrytown Shopping Center issue are posted here.  Remember Holiday House!

A more detailed summary of the results from the Council’s first reading is available at our posting at  At this posting, we explain that we are most concerned with Councils’ decision on Motion 2 (Austin State School land use language), Motion 3 (excluding the Brackenridge Tract from our plan), and Motion 8 (designating the Tarrytown Shopping Center as “Neighborhood Mixed Use”).  We also explain how the decisions on these motions can be fixed or changed.

Central West Austin Neighborhood Plan Details:  Details on the proposed plan are posted at, including:

  • Draft Chapters as Recommended by the Planning Commission from their June 22, 2010 Public Hearing, including the:

Vision Statement and Top Priorities as Voted by Participants at the Final Open House
Neighborhood in Context
Land Use
Transportation: Including the list of proposed bicycle and pedestrian improvements
Parks, Open Space & the Environment
Community Life

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