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The final City Council hearing for the Central West Austin Neighborhood Plan is next Thursday (September 23, 2010, beginning at 2:00 pm), and there are two glaring problems that need to be fixed.

The first problem is the exclusion of the Brackenridge Tract from the Plan.  Details on the Brack Tract issue are posted here, but we strongly believe that the Brack Tract should be included in the Plan.  Write a letter and tell Council!

The second problem is that Tarrytown Shopping Center is being designated for “Neighborhood Mixed Use” development.  Details on the Tarrytown Shopping Center issue are posted here, but we strongly believe that this tract should be “Neighborhood Commercial” to prevent the owner (Jeanne Daniels) from converting the entire property to residential development.  Write a letter and tell Council!  Remember Holiday House!

If you don’t care what happens to your neighborhood and are planning to sell your home before UT doubles the residential density and traffic congestion for our neighborhood, a list of local realtors is posted here.

But if you do care, contact info for providing public input is posted here.  Tell your neighbors.  Attend the hearing.  Write letters to the editor.  Act like you care about the neighborhood.  Council Members Morrison and Riley have been supportive of the neighborhood here, but we need to be heard loud and clear by the remaining members (especially Mayor Leffingwell).

A more detailed summary of the results from the Council’s first reading is available at our posting at  At this posting, we explain that we are most concerned with Councils’ decision on Motion 2 (Austin State School land use language), Motion 3 (excluding the Brackenridge Tract from our plan), and Motion 8 (designating the Tarrytown Shopping Center as “Neighborhood Mixed Use”).  We also explain how the decisions on these motions can be fixed or changed.

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