On Monday, April 20, 2015 (6:30 p.m.) at Howson Branch Public Library, the Central West Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan Contact Team will meet to consider the following agenda items:

Roll Call – 6:30 pm

Joyce Basciano, Mike Cannatti, Michael Curry, August Harris, Frank Hartman, Roya Johnson, Jerry Lloyd, Mark Nixon, Tomas Pantin, Blake Tollett, Betty Trent, Diane Umstead, Tina Weinberger

New Business – 6:32 pm

  1.  Officer Elections:  At the Annual Meeting, we are scheduled to hold our annual election for Officers.  Our current officers are Mike Cannatti (Chair), August Harris (Vice Chair), and Joyce Basciano (Secretary). Please let me know if anyone is interested in filling or changing the officer positions.

Any officers should confirm that they meet the requirement in our bylaws that all officer “candidates must be qualified NPCT Executive Committee Members in good standing” who meet the eligibility requirements of being a property owner, residential renter, business owner or neighborhood organization member within the Central West Austin Combined Neighborhood Planning Area.

Adjourn – 6:45 pm

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