2013 Annual Meeting for Neighborhood Plan Contact Team:

On Monday, April 29, at 7 pm at Tarrytown United Methodist Church (Room 711 in the Education Annex), the following business was conducted at the Annual Meeting for the Central West Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (PCT):

A.  Replacement Election For Executive Committee:  Pursuant to the PCT Bylaws, the following Executive Committee members were elected:  Mark Nixon (WANG Planning Area residential property owner), Diane Umstead (PHNA representative) and Craig Duewall (PHNA representative).

B.  Officer Elections:  Pursuant to the PCT Bylaws, the following officers were elected:  Mike Cannatti (Chair), August Harris (Vice Chair), and Joyce Basciano (Secretary).

C.  Additional Agenda Topics:  The PCT discussed the following items:

1.  Pursue sidewalk fee-in-lieu funds from the City to implement the sidewalk plan for our area.

2.  Pursue speed mitigation funds from the City for application to the “Volume and Speed” and “Vehicle Safety” concerns noted in the Central West Austin Neighborhood Plan.

3.  Pursue grant opportunities relating to Central West Austin’s neighborhood plan recommendations, including Austin Parks Foundation Parks Grant Program  (Due date: May 30, 2013) and Keep Austin Beautiful Neighborhood Beautification Grants (Due date: July 1, 2013)

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