On Monday, July 4th at 9AM, the TWENTY-FIRST Annual Tarrytown 4th of July Parade and Picnic will be presented 80’s Style!

We are going back to when the idea of this parade first began: Back in Time to 1989! To a time when downsizing was the name and simple was the game. When: Batman, The Little Mermaid, and When Harry Met Sally graced the screens; Daniel Radcliffe [a.k.a. Harry Potter] was BORN; Lady Gaga was a mere twinkle in Madonna’s eye; Debbie Gibson and Tiffany used shopping malls because YouTube and “The Bieber” did not exist; New Kids on the Block paved the way for The Jonas Brothers; The Interest Rate was 10.5%; The Berlin Wall collapsed; The Simpsons previewed; The average price of a house was $120,000; Income was $27,500; A gallon of gas was 97 cents; Microsoft introduced Office; and neighbors and friends checked on one another in person rather than on Facebook.  Wow!!

We are going back to when it all began. When the celebration was simple on style but long on character.  So, decorate in your best 80’s along with your RED, WHITE, and BLUE! Mark your calendars for Monday, July 4th at 9AM…It’s the TWENTY-FIRST Annual Tarrytown 4th of July Parade and Party!

All families are invited to participate in the parade or to cheer on the participants along the route.  Folks will gather at Good Shepherd Church at 8:30AM on July 5, and the parade route will travel west on Windsor to Pecos, and then follow Pecos to Reed Park.   At Reed Park we will enjoy refreshments, music, and breakfast treats.

Your neighbors from around the corner and just down the street will gather [and, sigh, possibly tweet, text or post] to celebrate this festive occasion and support our neighborhood parks.  We would love your donations and/or your time to put on this festive celebration!  All proceeds from the Parade will go toward enhancements at our neighborhood parks.

Given the late date, we will do our absolute best to recognize all sponsors through signage, emails and anything else we can get our hands on to thank you you for your support. If you are interested in sponsoring — please return the Tarrytown Parade Sponsor Form no later than Tuesday, June 28 to Julie Ballard at julie@bcballard.com or by mail as indicated on the form.

And a special Thank You to our “early bird” Star Spangled Sponsors: Grande Communications, The May Family, The Knaggs Family, Amelia Bullock Realtors, Horizon Bank, and Cari Ezell.

Looking forward to seeing you Monday, July 4th! 80’s Style!


The 2011 Parade Planning Committee:

August W. Harris, III, Wendy Griessen, Marjann Cooper, Sara Marler, Patricia McConnico, Jennifer Johnson, Jen Kolerich, Crary Jagger, Courtney Houston, Julie Ballard, Allison Dwyer, Libby Malone, Tiffany O’Shea, Michelle Tobias, Stephanie Tickle, Catherine Parks, Delaine Teeple, and Beth McKay.

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