Dear Neighbors,

It is time to participate in the next step of the process to change Tarrytown Neighborhood Park:

When: Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6:00 P.M.

Where: Tarrytown Neighborhood Park
  • A walk through of the proposed site
  • Decide whether to adopt the new proposed designs (sent to you on 12/30/2011)
Next Steps: IF ADOPTED:
  • Form a committee representative of the neighborhood to continue with the application process with the City (see attached application)
  • Attend WANG’s meeting on Feb. 6 to represent the group and obtain their support of the Project
  • Report and update the group
  • Raise the additional funds (25% of the total cost of the Project) to match the funds awarded by the City (75% of the total cost of the Project)
  • Decide on the maintenance of the Site/Project (100%  by the awardees, 0% from the City)
IF Not Adopted
  • Propose a new design
  • Explore new traffic calming alternatives
  • Continue to maintain the park as is and enjoy the neighborhood as it has been  for many years
To do Now
  • Ask all the questions/concerns you may have as engineers will not be at the on-site meeting
  • Sara is willing to address them as they are sent

Below is the copy of the application from the City of Austin:


Applications Are Accepted By Invitation Only After Notice of Intent of Application Interest

Application Form

Please print clearly or type.  Please answer all questions and use the space provided.  Attach additional pages as needed.

Please consider us for:              ¨ NCSP Small Project Program (< $75,000)

¨ GAP Project                          ¨ NCSP Large Project Program ($75,000 to $150,000)


Note: This person will be the only contact for the project and the only person able to request funding. The contact person must be a member of the neighborhood organization or entity representing applicant.


(source of funds, labor, or contributions)

By signing this application, I certify that the information contained in the application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I certify that the contact person will be the only contact person for the project, the only person who is able to submit or request funding, and is a member of our neighborhood or community organization.

If the project is approved, I understand that the City will enter into a contract with the applicant organization to ensure completion of the project as described in the application.

This section must be completed by the president or the vice-president of the neighborhood organization or officer of the community organization, or by the president or vice president of the Board of the Fiscal Agent- 501(c)3 organization or equivalent

Project Requirements Checklist

All projects must meet minimum requirements. Please check yes or no to the following questions:

Estimated Project Cost or Grant Assistance Requested**: $______________________

Project is located on City of Austin property or Right of Way

Project has a public benefit and publicly accessible

Project is consistent with neighborhood plans (if applicable)

Project is endorsed by 60% of the impacted stakeholders

Project does not have full funding available from another source

Project meets City of Austin design criteria, or appropriate waivers have been obtained

YES _____     NO_____

YES _____     NO_____

YES _____     NO_____

YES _____     NO_____

YES _____     NO_____

YES _____     NO_____

**City staff can assist in obtaining project cost estimates. Cost estimates must be submitted with this application.

Project Scope: briefly describe your project. Include any necessary details, and attach technical documents as needed.

Evaluation Information

Applications are scored for purposes of determining final awards. The following information helps City staff to evaluate and develop your application score.

1. Is the proposed project an existing, but underfunded requirement by the City? (Contact NPP staff if you are unsure).

Yes_____        No _____

  1. Is the proposed project a Neighborhood Capital Improvement Project recommended by the Planning Commission? (Contact NPP staff if you are unsure)

Yes_____        No _____

3. Quality Of Life Enhancements

Describe how the project will contribute to environmental improvement and neighborhood quality of life.

4. Cost Share Proposal : Briefly describe how your organization will meet its cost share requirement.
All projects must meet minimum cost-sharing requirements, but additional points are awarded for organizations that assume a greater percentage of the match. If your cost-match exceeds the minimum requirement, please indicate the cost match percentage here: ____________%
5. Community Participation:

Describe the active participation of the responsible entity in the project.  Indicators of participation are contribution of labor, services, and materials; fund raising efforts; the number of persons contributing financially; and the percentage of property owners indicating approval of the project.

6. Maintenance Plan

Describe the maintenance required, if any, after the project is completed. Who will be responsible for maintenance and the plan for complying with the maintenance requirement?

7. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your project?
These items must be submitted in order to be considered for funding:

  • Cost estimates
  • Any technical documents associated with scope
  • IRS Determination Letter showing 501(c)3 status of fiscal agent
  • If Neighborhood Association is not a 501(c)3, documents supporting establishment
  • Location map (if applicable)
  • Before photographs (if applicable)
  • Sketch of improvements (if applicable)
  • Proof of required match including

Proof of Cash Availability (Bank Statement)

Donation Letters (if applicable)

Volunteer Commitment forms and Release and Hold Harmless Agreements

  • Proof of Support of property owners or impacted individuals and entities
  • Endorsement of affected neighborhood association (if applicable)
  • For Grant Assistance Applications, please provide grant information including grant terms from the funding agency.


Please join us Monday, November 28tth, 6:00PM at Howson Library to discuss

  • Traffic Calming Proposals
  • Impact on the neighborhood
  • Permanent change of the streets
  • Safety of our children
  • Future Initiatives

For more info, please see the following:

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