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These are the minutes of the meeting of the West Austin Neighborhood Group Board of Directors (the “Board”) held Monday, June 6, 2016, at 6:30 p.m., at the Howson Public Library.

I.    Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by August Harris with the following board members in attendance: Joe Bennett, Mary Arnold, Gunnar Seaquist, Blake Tollett, George Edwards, Holly Reed, Joyce Basciano and Mike Cannatti in attendance.  Elizabeth Adams and President Cathy Kyle were not in attendance

II.    Approval of Minutes: Approval of the May minutes was tabled.

III.    Report from Council Member Gallo’s Office:  There was no report from Councilmember Gallo’s office.  The Board did discuss the Department Consolidations Task Force Recommendation to consolidate the Development Services and Code departments.  This proposal is supported by Councilmembers Gallo, Troxclaire, and Kitchen.

The Board also discussed proposals for the District 10 Parks Wish List.  Currently, one of the proposed wish list sites is the cliff along Shoal Creek Blvd., north of 29th Street.  The City’s parks department has indicated that the cliff is a critical environmental feature and is considering routing around that area, or potentially installing a cantilevered bridge.

The Board also discussed prioritizing improvements to the Johnson Creek Trail, including ways to provide additional access to the Trail across or under Atlanta Street for residents of the Deep Eddy neighborhood.  Additionally, the Board discussed a reiteration of the importance of the role of Lions Municipal Golf Course as green parkland in West Austin.  Board Member Basciano made a motion that the Board support the Shoal Creek Cliff, Johnson Trail, and Lions Municipal Golf Course as items on the District 10 Parks Wish List.  The motion was seconded by Board Member Cannatti, and carried unanimously.

IV.    Neighbor Communications:

A.    Winsted Lane Traffic Control: Neighbor Craig Lill updated the Board on the lack of progress in implementing traffic control measures on Winsted Ln., between Windsor and Enfield.  Mr. Lill and other neighbors on Winsted have been seeking traffic control measures along that corridor for more than fifteen months.  Since that time, Mr. Lill told the Board, a traffic survey has been completed, but no other action has been taken by the City. Board Member Harris stated his understanding that the City was waiting for Winsted to be repaved before installing bike lanes or other traffic control features.  Board Member Harris believed the City missed some initial criteria in calculating the priority of the re-paving project, but has since recalculated and increased the priority of repaving Winsted.
IV    Land Matters:

A.    902 Wayside: The homeowner sought the Board’s support for a variance from the LDC to decrease the side setback from 5 feet to .8 feet to allow for the modification of his carport.  According to the homeowner, as currently constructed, the alignment is such that he has to make a sharp turn to avoid hitting the house, when backing in our out of the carport.  The homeowner believes this situation creates an unnecessary risk of damage to his home and says there is evidence that the house has been hit before by cars pulling in and out of the carport.  The homeowner informed the Board that he had substantial neighbor support and no neighbor had voiced opposition to his request.  The Board voted not to oppose the variance request on the condition that the carport remain open—i.e., was not enclosed—and that adequate guttering was installed to avoid increased runoff on his neighbor’s property.  The motion was made by Board Member Tollett, seconded by Bennett, and carried unanimously.
B.    SPC-2015-0555A; 3706 Bonnie Rd.: Board Member Tollett updated the Board on the Acton school operating on Bonnie Rd.  Tollett was informed that the owners of the school had obtained a 2 acre lot in Westlake and planned on moving the school to that location.  In the interim, however, the school was still operating without a permit on Bonnie Rd.  The school had six months to complete the site plan process.  That period expires on or about June 17, 2016, and Acton has not submitted a conforming site development plan.

VI.    Membership:

Membership continues to increase.  The Board unanimously approved the purchase of a new banner using a high-resolution image of the WANG logo.

VII.    Newsletter:

Content will be due ten days from the Board meeting.

VIII.    Treasurer’s Report: The balance in the checking account is $11,924.51 and the balance in the Oak Wilt account is $1,206.31, for a total of $13,130.82.  The checking account balance includes $1,700.00 in contributions held for the Tarrytown July 4th Parade.  The Board has used $416.00 of these funds to pay Maudies for catering for the parade.
IX.    ANC Liason Report: Board Member Basciano updated the Board on the “Austin Fair Housing Initiative” that was put forward at the May 24, 2016 Planning and Neighborhoods Council Committee. Basciano expressed concern that this initiative appears aimed at circumventing not only the CodeNEXT but also the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan update process, as well as overriding established deed restrictions.  Councilmember Casar and Planning and Zoning staff are advocating that Accessory Dwelling Units be allowed all over the City.
X.    Old Business:

A.    Movies in the Park: Rescheduled to July 15.

B.    Code NEXT – Request Draft: The City has, to date, refused to provide a copy of the draft provisions of Code NEXT in response to informal requests.  It may be necessary to submit a request for the draft pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act.

C.    RPP Deep Eddy Heights: A few neighbors in the Deep Eddy Heights neighborhood are continuing to press for the implementation of Residential Parking Permits, however, there does not appear to be broad support for the RPP program.
XI.    New Business:

A.    Redbud Trail Bridge Project:  The City held an Open House about the proposed new bridge design, to replace the existing Emmett Shelton (low-water) bridge on June 7 at Lions Municipal Golf Course.  The existing bridge provides access to Red Bud Isle, as well as access to West Lake Hills and Ullrich Water Treatment Plant.  The City presented design concepts and showed pictures of the area but did not allow an opportunity for citizen participation and input.  The City is being tight-lipped on plans for renovations to the Red Bud Bridge, in particular whether there are any plans to straighten the S-curve or increase capacity on the bridge.
B.    Brackenridge Development: Board member Arnold informed the Board that there was announcement in the Federal Register that the Lions Municipal Golf Course application for listing as nationally significant on the National Register of Historic Places had been received, and that comments should be sent by June 9.

C.    July meeting: The next Board meeting will be held on July 5, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. at the Howson Public Library.


Board Member Harris adjourned the meeting.

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